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Youth Academy U5-U10


There are openings for boys and girls to start training with the Blitz United Soccer Academy. The Academy focuses on player development over winning games. Players come out of the Academy with a confidence which applies directly to their competitive experience.

Michael Umelo (umelo14@gmail.com)  is the Youth Academy Director of Coaching.  Dave Marth (marthd@cox.net) is the Academy Director of Administration. Interested families can contact them to get started in the Blitz United Soccer Academy.

Click here to see more information concerning fees, participation in the Oklahoma Development League (ODL) and uniforms.

*For Academy Registration Form, see Forms and Documents on the BUSC site.

Academy Development Strategies

The Blitz United Soccer Academy is designed to encourage and provide technical development to each player while presenting an opportunity to learn and respect the good of the game.  This is done through several strategies listed below:

  • Increase ball mastery - learning to be confident on the ball with all surfaces of both feet.
  • Passing and Receiving - improving first touch, turning with the ball and being able to pass the ball in a variety of ways relevant to game situations
  • Expose players to variety of 1v1 moves - give players a tool box of skill moves and let them learn and decide which to use in game like situations
  • Basic fundamentals of defending - technique of breaking down and delaying opponents.
  • Speed and Agility training in age appropriate activities - speed and agility camp offered twice a year.
  • Shooting and finishing activities - to encourage confidence in goal scoring opportunities
  • Small sided games - to improve team and combination play

 Benefits to Players and Parents

  • Recreational players are trained by Nationally Licensed coaches.
  • Skill driven training sessions.  The building blocks of preparation of the next level of soccer.
  • Positive coach to player ratio-ideal for monitoring and assessing player development and understanding.

Benefits to the Recreational Associations

  • The quality of play in the players recreational games will improve.
  • Coaches will be able to learn activities to take with them back to their recreational training sessions.
  • Coaches are encouraged to attend, take notes and ask questions.  If they would like to participate with their teams they are more than welcome.


  1. Who can participate?  Blitz Academy is open to all interested boys and girls ages U7-U10.
  2. Who will conduct the sessions?  Michael Umelo, along with other Blitz United coaching staff.
  3. Will players play in a league or go to Academy tournaments?  Academy teams will participate in the Oklahoma Development League (ODL) in the fall and spring.  This is an 8 game schedule with games on Sunday's after 1 pm.  This will not interfere with the recreational matches on Saturdays.  Academy tournament participation will be determined by the assigned coach of the age group and the readiness of the team.  Most U10 age teams will attend at least two tournaments.
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