E S T. 1 9 9 3      T U L S A, O K L A H O M A

BUSC Mission Statement

The mission of BUSC, is to provide a joyful soccer experience for children of all ages and backgrounds. By creating a positive environment, that promotes sportsmanship and teamwork while teaching proficiency in soccer skills and knowledge of the game.  We do so in a manner that promotes opportunities to socialize and network with other players and families in the club and the soccer community in general.

BUSC Organizational Structure


BUSC Guidelines:

Coaches Expectations and Responsibilities

Managers Expectations and Responsibilities

Parents Expectations

Players Expectations


If you need to contact us, please feel free to do so at:

BUSC Executive Director of Coaching

Wilbert Maximore 

BUSC Mailing Address:

Blitz United Soccer Club
P.O. Box 703035
Tulsa, OK 74170-3035
(918) 298-5976

BUSC Board

President - Nathan Clark                                 
Vice-President - Andy Richardson
Secretary - Roger Holder                                
Treasurer - Bill Wilson            
Competitive League Commissioner - Page Keck
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