Chicago Fire  Juniors Policies

The Chicago Fire Juniors aspires to operate as a club with full transparency and stands by the following policies to serve the membership.


Club Service Policy

The Chicago Fire Juniors will provide all services on the Team Information Page (TIP) given to you at tryout. The Team Information Page lists all services offered to a player including but not limited to practices, coaching and tournaments.

Playing Time Policy

Playing time is not guaranteed and is determined by a variety of criteria including but, not limited to age, ability, match situations and specific competitions as well as training and developmental guidelines of the club. Generally, as a player matures, his or her playing time will begin to be determined more and more by ability. At times, as the game demands; positions, field conditions, score, etc. may have, to a lesser or greater degree, an influence on playing time and the ability to substitute. Further, it is important to find opportunities for all of our players on the field and particular league and tournament play may influence which players are on the field and for what duration.


Release Policy

Player releases will only be given if all membership fees and outstanding invoices are paid in full. Releases will be processed once the player pass has been returned to the CFJ office and the player has cleared the finance department.

Extra Tournament Policy

All extra team tournaments (tournament beyond those included within the Club Service Policy as detialed in the TIP Sheet) will be decided and approved by the technical staff only. All costs for the extra tournament; including but not limited to, application costs, parking fees and coaching expenses for example mileage or transportation, hotels, per diem and coaching fees will be billed by the CFJ office to the participating players as a shared cost.

Practice Policy

The club makes a committment with every member, that all practices offered within the TIP sheet will be fulfilled. During the tryout season in spring, practices will be suspended so that staff can fulfil the roles as evaluators for all tryouts. As per the TIP Sheet practices will be fulfilled if weather permitting, the park district or facilty owners have the right to suspend practices without notice.

Travel Policy

All player travel costs and coaches' travel expenses are not part of the Chicago Fire Juniors membership (see Team Information Page). Travel costs to particpate in tournaments, league (not including IWSL, YSSL or NISL) or friendly games beyond a 70 mile radius from the CFJ offices; will be billed by the CFJ Office to the participating players as a shared cost. All logistics for travel (trips of events away from northern IL) with the Chicago Fire Juniors will be operated by the CFJ office. All High School players will share hotel rooms during travel events and teams are expected to travel and/or stay as a team to make events cost effective for all team members or a group of teams within the club.


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