Player of the Month

May 2014 Player of the Month

Grace Corluka  (Girls U12)

Favorite Fire Player: Chris Rolfe

Favorite Food: Strawberries!!

Pregame Superstition: I have to wear a underarm our headband for our games.  I love to listen to energetic music LOUD!

Pregame Meal: Spaghetti & meatballs/pasta

Favorite Soccer Move: Ronaldo chop

Favorite Professional Team: USA Women's National Soccer Team

Favorite Professional Player: Alex Morgan

If you could play for any team:  USA Women's Soccer Team

Favorite Position: Midfield

Favorite CFJS Moment: Playing in the rain and mud against the Raiders.  We were all covered and mud and played tough. It was awesome!

Why I play soccer: Soccer is my favorite sport because I play with my friends and love the feeling of being a part of a great play.  Of course, I love to score and assist on goals for my team.  Go Fire!


April 2014 Player of the Month
Noah White (U11Boys)

Favorite Player: Wayne Rooney & Sean Johnson

Favorite Food: Cheese Pizza

Pre Game Superstition: I Say A Prayer For A Win

Pregame Meal: Scrambled Eggs

Favorite Soccer Move:  Helicopter 360

Favorite Professional Team: Chicago Fire/Manchester United

Fav Professional Player: Lionel Messi

If I Could Play For Any Team: Manchester United

Favorite Position:   Central Defender

Favorite CFJS Moment:  I Made An Amazing Save When The Ball Got Past Our Goalie And Was Heading Into The Net When I Dove And Headed It Away

Why I Play Soccer: I Simply Love It And Enjoy The Competitive Side Of It

March 2014 Player of the Month
Abbie Kukuck (U13 Girls)
Favorite Fire Player: Sean Johnson
Favorite Food: Pizza
Pregame Superstition: Need to arrive at least 1 hour before game
Pregame Meal: Subway
Favorite Soccer Move: California throw in, even though as a keeper I don’t get to do it. When I play defense I can.
Favorite Professional Team:   USA Women and Chicago Fire
Favorite Profesional Player:  Hope Solo
If you could play for any Team:  USA Womens
Favorite position: Keeper
Favorite CFJS Moment: When my new Fire tema mates knew my name.
Why I play soccer:  To put myself out there, I was very shy before and now I get to meet new people. Also for the lov e the game and competition

February 2014 Player of the Month
Jim Margas (U14 Boys)
Favorite Player: Mike Magee
Favorite Food: Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Pregame Superstition: Visiulize what i will do in the game
Pregame Meal: Apple and Cinnimon Multigrain Bar
Favorite Soccer Move: Ronaldo Chop
Favorite Team: Manchester United
Favorite Player:  Leo Messi
Favorite Position: Forward / Attacking
Favorite CFJS moment?  Making the Generation Next Select Team
If he could play for any team: Real Madrid
Why he plays soccer: Soccer Takes my mind of school and stress

January 2014 Player of the Month
Diego Vega (U10 Boys)

Favorite Chicago Fire Player: Chris Rolfe
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Pregame Superstitions: Listen to music.
Favorite Pregam Meal:  Apple
Favorite Soccer Move: Fake and take
Favorite Professional Team: Mexico National Team
Favorite Professional Player: Raul Jimenez

Favorite Position: Defense
Favorite CFJS Moment:  The day I score my first goal Vs Inter FC
Play for any National Team: Mexico National Team

December 2013 Player of the Month
Simon Zulewski 

Favorite Player: Sean Johnson
Favorite Food: buffalo wings
No Pregame Superstitions
Pregame Meal (snack) peanut butter and banana
Favortie Soccer Move: Marodona
Favorite Team: Real Madrid
Favorite Player: Christiano Ronaldo
Favorite Position: left midfield
Favorite CFJS moment? "When I kicked a goal from midfield that went over the keeper's head".
If he could play for any team: Italian World Cup team
Why he plays soccer: "I love the sport, it is great exercise, I'm very competitive, and I like learning new moves".

November 2013 Player of the Month
Abby Hermanson

Favorite Fire Player:  Mike Magee
Favorite Food:  Pizza
Pregame Superstition:  Before each game I put on my "PLAY HARD OR GO HOME" bandana
Pregame Meal: A Pear
Favorite Soccer Move:  Litbarski

Favorite Professional Team: Chicago Red Stars

Favorite Professional Player: Alex Morgan

If you could play for any team: Chicago Red Stars

Favorite Position: Forward

Favorite CFJS Moment: Getting a hat trick this season for a 4-1 victory

Why I play soccer: Because it's fun and my whole family plays it

October 2013 Player of the Month
Maddie Manzke
Maddie Manzke is member of the U13 Girls Red Team.  Maddie loves to play attacking roles on the soccer field. 

Favorite Fire Player: Mike McGee

Favorite Food: Pizza

Pregame Superstition:  She can have nothing planned the day of the game.  She has to stay home. 

Pregame Meal:  Chocolate milk

 Favorite Soccer Move: Zico Turn
Favorite Professional Team:  AC Milan

 Favorite Profesional Player: Ronaldo

If you could play for any Team:   USA
Favorite position:  Forward

Favorite CFJS Moment:  Hat trick on her first game with The Fire Juniors

Why I play soccer:  My older sister Morgan taught me a lot.  She plays at Valpo.

September 2013 Player of the Month

  Anthony DaSilva

Anthony Dasilva plays for the Boys U10 White Team.
Favorite Fire Player: Patrick Nyarko
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Soccer Move:  Zico Turn
Favorite Professional Team: Barcelona
Favorite Profesional Player: Neymar
If you could play for any Team:  Chelsea FC
Position: Center Midfield
Player of the Month 
·         Dedicated to team and club
·         Committed to supporting the success of their team mates
·         Shows respect to all members of their club and their opponents
·         Shows respect to all officials
·         Works hard during all games and practices
·         Shows individual improvement
·         Respect for the basics such as attendance, time keeping etc
Each Month 1 Exceptional Player will be voted as the Player of the Month for the CFJS Club.

Coaches will nominate players.  Players selected each month will have a short BIO on the Player of the Month Page.

Nominations should be sent to Assist Coordinator Ben Angel at

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