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Freq. Asked Questions
  • When and where do the teams train?  Because all BSSL Coaches are unpaid volunteers, the coaches are given the flexibility to select the location and times for their training sessions.  It is expected that the coaches choose locations and times that are convenient for themselves as well as the players' families.
  • How often do teams train? The younger divisions (4&5 yr olds - Shooting Stars and 6 yr olds - Fast Feet - 6 yr olds) usually train 1 time per week.  7 yr olds - U8 and above train 1-2 times per week.  The BSSL Board only requires coaches to train once per week, but encourages multiple training sessions per week - as long as players and families are not made to feel guilty and are not discriminated against in any way, if they choose to only attend one training session per week.

  • What division will my child be in? Divisions are determined by the child's birth date as of August 31st and the number of players who register.  Only after registration is complete (Spring registration ends near early March, Fall Registration ends near the end of June), is it possible to predict the divisions of players.  All efforts are made to field divisions inside of the players' identifiable skill levels and such that fair league play can occur.

  • When do the players receive their trophies?  Participation Trophies are received on the day of the last game - either at the field or at a team party (coach’s prerogative).

  • What divisions have playoffs and when do the playoffs occur?  Playoffs are not part of a recreational league and thus are not part of the BSSL regular season play.  Tournaments that offer playoff type play and competition are held locally separate from the seasons of the BSSL recreational / developmental league.

  • Where does the BSSL stand on competition and competitiveness?  The BSSL believes that for 4, 5 and 6 year old players there is no place for competition to be a part of the training or game play.  The BSSL believes that for 7 year old and above players, competition can be a healthy part of training and game play. 

The BSSL believes that healthy competition for its league involves: Each individual player doing his or her best; his or her competition is the game of soccer itself and the associated challenges while playing soccer. 

The BSSL does not tolerate, amongst its volunteers, coaches, parents or players, the level of competition that involves attitudes of: Win at all cost or We (the team) must win or We (the team) must beat everyone else (all of the other teams).  The BSSL believes that there is no place for "Must" in the competition involved within its recreational & developmental soccer league.  Certainly a team may have the goal of winning all of its games, but this overall goal must not come at the expense of any one team member.  The BSSL does not tolerate putting competitiveness ahead of sportsmanship or maintaining a safe & developmental environment.  The BSSL does not tolerate "an eye for an eye" type of attitude - this includes its training and game environments.

  • How many teams are created per division?  This is determined by the number of players who register in any given age group, the gender count of the players who register, the field sizing, the field availability - for scheduling of games, and producing fair play between teams. 
  • Is there a same team option, sibling option, buddy option or same coach option?  Because teams are determined based on the above criteria, there is no way to guarantee the same team/coach between different seasons. There is also no sibling or buddy option because of the difficulty in maintaining balance across the league. On the positive side, all players get to make a new set of friends each season!

The BSSL CAN NOT GUARANTEE to honor all requests for all players to be on a specific team with specific other players

It is important to remember that the BSSL does make every effort to maintain some continuity in regard to players and coaches who have a good relationship together, being able to stay grouped together and continue to play and train together.  However, the BSSL Board always keeps in mind all of the goals of the BSSL.  For team formation, two particular goals are pertinent: 1)  Attempt to maintain as much balance in the league as is possible;   2) Attempt to provide equal opportunity, development and fun for all players in the league.  The BSSL Board makes every effort possible to maintain as much balance in the league, as a whole, as is possible by paying careful attention to the teams within the divisions of the league as well as the players within the teams. 

Efforts are made to keep one team from totally dominating all of the other teams within its given division.  IF the BSSL determines that a dominant team has developed within a given division, then an effort MAY be made to make a balancing adjustment at the next season’s team formation.  The balancing adjustment helps preserve the continuity of the players involved while still looking after the good of the entire BSSL. 

The BSSL Board will do what is possible to have players who have played together in the past, play on the same team in subsequent seasons.  



  • Is there parity/balance in the league?  The BSSL Board continuously strives for parity and does its best to maintain / achieve parity in the league.

  • How are teams formed?  Teams are formed by the BSSL Board of Directors.  Sibling requests are honored first and then available players in the division are assigned to teams such that balanced rosters exist relative to players' seasons of experience and known skill level.  All efforts are made to provide balanced teams while attempting to honor the same team option from fall to spring as well as maintain as much continuity of returning players staying with some of their teammates from the previous season.

  • Does my child have to stay with the same coach or be teammates with certain players?  No.  The options to request to NOT have the same coach, or to NOT be teammates with certain players, are always considered and are honored wherever possible.

  • Are existing, non-BSSL teams able to join / come into the league as a team?  No.  This is to prevent an existing (non-BSSL) team from coming in and destroying what parity exists in the league.  However, the players from non-BSSL teams are welcome to join the league individually and be placed on rosters just like all other BSSL players.
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